TOP SHOTS Volume 3 from COLT’s Buckshotis a nut-busting collection of the most juicy, ball-draining cum shots from the Buckshot video library. Load after load after dick-squirting load, witness the endless Buckshot Boys’ explosions for your repeated pleasure. These Buckshot Boys are the cream of the crop.

Featuring the climactic eruptions from Buckshot movies: Hard Studies, Boot Black Blues, Manly Heat: Scorched, Manly Heat: Quenched, Muscle Ranch II, Brotherhood, Paradise Found. Enjoy!

BSP006_Sc1_9886 BSP006_Sc2_1885 BSP006_Sc2_1892 BSP006_Sc3_0558 BSP006_Sc3_0600 BSP006_Sc4_9761 BSP006_Sc4_9777 BSP006_Sc5_2247 BSP006_Sc5_2263 BSP006_Sc6_1224 BSP006_Sc6_1234 BSP007_Sc1_5257 BSP007_Sc2_4783 BSP007_Sc2_4801 BSP007_Sc3_3945 BSP007_Sc3_3954 BSP007_Sc4_5784 BSP007_Sc4_5802 BSP007_Sc5_6251 BSP008_Sc1_3403 BSP008_Sc2_2285 BSP008_Sc3_2360 BSP008_Sc4_2755 BSP008_Sc4_2768 BSP008_Sc5_3904 BSP009_Sc1_4435 BSP009_Sc1_4449 BSP009_Sc2_5512 BSP009_Sc3_6269 BSP009_Sc4_5962 BSP009_Sc4_5996 BSP009_Sc4_6021 BSP009_Sc5_4908 BSP010_Sc1_0626 BSP010_Sc2_2637 BSP010_Sc3_1447 BSP010_Sc4_3120 BSP010_Sc5_3742 BSP010_Sc5_3784 BSP011_Sc1_8402 BSP011_Sc1_8417 BSP011_Sc1_8423 BSP011_Sc2_136 BSP011_Sc3_135 BSP011_Sc3_140 BSP011_Sc3_7784 BSP011_Sc4_144 BSP011_Sc4_149 BSP011_Sc4_151 BSP011_Sc4_152 BSP011_Sc5_9032 BSP011_Sc5_9076 BSP011_Sc6_154 BSP011_Sc6_160 BSP011_Sc6_161 BSP012_Sc1_165 BSP012_Sc1_166 BSP012_Sc2_7695 BSP012_Sc2_7737 BSP012_Sc3_5172 BSP012_Sc3_5221 BSP012_Sc4_5755 BSP012_Sc4_5774 BSP012_Sc4_5796 BSP012_Sc5_6235 BSP012_Sc5_6260 CSG_02.04.16