Alexander Gustavo had closed his eyes while reading his book and drifted off to sleep when Dante Martin walks in and spies him lying there. Dante quietly walks over and ever so slowly pulls back the top of Alexander’s pants revealing an already thick cock. Dante slowly picks it up and eases it into his mouth. Alexander is gently awakened to find Dante’s lips wrapped around his cock and he motions for Dante to continue. Dante pulls off his shirt revealing an incredibly built body and he leans over and swallows Alexander’s cock again as he attempts to satisfy. Alexander motions for Dante to come closer and as they kiss Alexander begins to stroke his cock with one hand and undo Dante’s pants with the other. Dante stands, removes his pants and then kneels down by Alexander’s face. Alexander woofs down Dante’s thick cock and Dante begins face fucking Alexander. Dante stands up, grabs Alexander’s legs and rips his pants off of him. Dante pushes Alexander’s legs back so that he can get to Alexander’s ass where he buries his face and begins working his tongue in and out of Alexander’s eager hole. With Alexander’s asshole primed and ready, Dante slowly pushes his cock into Alexander’s ass and then as he settles in, he begins fucking harder and harder and the moaning gets louder and louder. Three positions of ass pounding fucking later, Dante pulls out, rolls Alexander over and literally coats Alexander’s chest with loads of cum. Alexander is so turned on that he grabs his cock, starts jerking and as he tells Dante to work his asshole with his fingers hard, he blows his load all over his jizz covered chest. Check out this scene now at BadPuppy!

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