Cover-boy Ryan Raz has a face you just wanna fuck! With wide bulging eyes and a throbbing hard cock Ryan Raz is forced to crawl naked across the floor to the feet of hot and dominating top-man Romario Farias. Decked out in his leather chaps, Romario is ready and waiting to be serviced. He barks the orders and Ryan obeys his every command, slathering that slab of top meat like a dedicated cock sucker.

With a leash attached directly to Ryan’s cock & ball strap, Romario controls the action, keeps that boy focused and gets his big cock serviced just the way he likes it. Romario demands a lot from his boy toy and when he is ready for some ass, he takes it. With just a point of the finger, Ryan knows he is being instructed to turn around and give up that sweet tight ass. Romario moves in to deliver a deep and hard dick drilling. Ryan moans and begs for more of that rock hard cock. Romario pounds that ass to a drenching and explosive climax, leaving his boy begging for every last drop. Watch this scene at Colt Studio’ Buckshot

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