This is one of our mates hook ups that I’ve been super excited to release today on Bentley Race. I knew these guys were going to get along really well. Cody kept asking me when was he going to get a turn at bottoming in one of our videos. Every since I met Brodie a few years ago he has been a big hit on the site fucking all my mates with his large uncut cock. Then when Romain asked about doing some topping scenes, I knew Cody would be the perfect scene partner for our hung daddy. The guys looked totally adorable together as they flirted and kissed during their photoshoot. Cody couldn’t wait to get Romain’s cock out and into his mouth. This has got to be one of my favourite sex scenes on the site after watching the video again today. Romain really slams Cody until the little guy can’t take it any longer and sprays cum all over me as I lay filming on the floor beneath them. These guys are totally adorable and I’m so glad I managed to get the guys (from different cities) together for this scene. Make sure you check out all of Cody’s and Romain’s hot videos now loaded at BentleyRace.

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