I want to introduce you to my new mate and latest crush, Aussie boy Ben Hart. It’s kinda one of my awkward first shoots. You know… when you meet a guy who’s really good looking and then you’re thrown right off your game. Well normally I’m pretty in control of things when a new guy comes round for his first shoot. But 23 year old Ben turned up wearing these tight pants that showed exactly how perfect his bum is. And I knew that he was about to get changed and strip off in front of me. So with Ben having first shoot nerves and me being all awkward, what a great shoot! I took way more photos than I needed for this shoot. But by the end of it we were getting along really well. In fact things went so well that I ended up fucking Ben in his first video. Now that my new crush is in full swing I’m hoping he will be coming back for another shoot, like really soon. Watch full session video at Bentley Race

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