Sometimes the simplest of shoots turn out to be the best. I did this tiny bathroom shoot with Bulgarian hottie David Ivan earlier this year during my visit to Berlin. David had hardly walked in the door when I had him trying on speedos. I didn’t really get an idea of just how built this guy was until I started taking his photos. David is 21 years old, from Bulgaria, now living in Berlin. He and a bunch of his mates were during a serious of shoots for me during my stay. David is one of the fittest of the guys and loves to show off. That speedo fits him perfectly! But it’s not on for long as it falls off in the hot shower. As well as being super fit, David has got a very beefy muscle bum and a beautiful fat cock that goes from soft to hard very quickly. I really like the photos from this shoot. David is a really nice guy and I enjoyed the days we spent together in Berlin. You can also check out his first video and strip show at Bentley Race. I’m sure David will be back again soon. WATCH THIS SOLO NOW AT Bentley Race