Description: Mickey Taylor & Gabriel Phoenix Kayden Gray finally picks up his phone and Mickey Taylor is in a mood. They agree to meet for drinks on Canal Street and Kayden adds he is brining his totally fuckable friend Gabriel Phoenix. As soon as they hit the pub Kayden yells SHOTS! and it’s the train goes off the tracks fast. Before you know it all three of them are Fuck’d up. Kayden pushes his friends’ faces together and they go hard, barely noticing that Kayden slips away to hookup with a fuck buddy. Gabriel’s defined, hairy body and trimmed beard are the perfect compliment to Mickey’s smooth tattoos and boyish good looks. They suck and fuck in a private room upstairs at the bar but something happens afterwards. Rather than part ways they decide to grab a bite – this could me more than sex – it might be love. Now they’re really fuck’d. Follow this scene now at NakedSword